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​What is Hamster Talk? Hamster Talk! is something I created to help educate people on hamsters and other small animals. Hamster Talk! is also a fun way of talking to other hamster lovers and owners and sharing pictures or our furry friends! I will teach you everything you need to know about hamsters and then some! On Hamster Talk you can read about hamsters, how to care for them, what you need to care for them, special treats and activities, and look at pictures and videos of hamsters. While my main focus is hamsters I will also include information and photos of other small animals. Enjoy the site!

Hamster Talk!

Welcome to the world of Hamster Talk! Where everything is dedicated to all the hamsters of the world! Rather you currently have a furry friend, used to have one, are thinking of adopting one, or just like to know your facts, this is the place for you!
I would just like to say that Hamster Talk! is not meant to sell anything or take money from anyone! I will occasionally hold contests where small prizes can be won, but I will never take money from you. This site is meant for your benefit and entertainment. So please have fun and feel free to ask any questions!
Meet Sasha:

On July 20, 2012 My boyfriend and I adopted the cutest little Ham Ham! ♥ She is a Saphire colored Djungarian Hamster, also known as a Russian Winter White, or a Siberian Hamster. They have a dark stripe that runs down their back from the top of their head to their tail. In the wild their fur turns white during the winter to help them hide from predators. They are a relatively friendly species of hamster. Sasha loves corn and papaya treats. She enjoys running in her hamster ball and walking all over my boyfriend's stomach and chest. She's the sweetest little thing!
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I love hearing from other animal lovers, so feel free to contact me in any of the links below or e-mail me. I will always try my best to reply to you as soon as possible. Also feel free to send pictures of your own small animals and I will post them!

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